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The older I get, the stranger I find the passing of time. Wasn’t it only last week that 2015 began? And wasn’t it only around about then that I received a contract from Pitt Street Poetry to publish my latest collection of poems, The Hour of Silvered Mullet?

Yet here we are, on the downward slide for the year. And even before I could quite believe something so good was happening, already my book has been published and launched.

Now, here is a very special offer for purchasers of The Hour of Silvered Mullet.  For a very short time, if you would like to buy a copy online, Pitt Street Poetry will post the book anywhere in the world for free.

To take advantage of this special deal, please just click now on the link below:



The Hour of Silvered Mullet is Jean Kent’s fifth full-length collection of poetry. Most of the poems are autobiographically based, drawing on memories of childhood in rural Qld and Jean’s work as a TAFE counsellor in the Hunter Valley, as well as the ‘smudged grace’ of everyday suburban life at her current home at Lake Macquarie where, at dusk, even the dull mullet can leap above the water and for a few moments be ‘stunned silver unaware’.

cover The Hour of Silvered Mullet









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