Travelling Flamingoes …

A preview of the artwork by Oliver Watts for the cover of my  new book, Travelling with the Wrong Phrasebooks (currently being prepared for publication by Pitt Street Poetry).

6 thoughts on “Travelling Flamingoes …

  1. The flamingoes seem coy as if involved in a mating dance they don’t wish to advertise because they prefer a quiet life. There’s something familiar about Oliver’s style although I can’t recall where I’ve seen it before. I imagine the cover will be well-received as it is calm and peaceful, wanted commodities these days.

  2. Further viewing reveals the problem of scale. Is the image the size it will appear? How does it relate to lettering? Will the flamingoes take up most of the cover? I’m sorry I commented earlier when these aspects are unknown. Still, I guess the idea is to tantalise and this worked.

    • Thanks for your comments, Jan. You’re right that the size of the image is very important. I think it will be close to the same size it should be appearing on the website, or possibly even smaller. Nothing else will appear on the cover. The lettering for the title etc will be on the spine … You can read more about the discussions we had about these things in my two previous jottings. (Sorry I don’t have an Archive up yet, but if you follow the links to Older Posts, you should get there). Jean

  3. Hi Jean,

    Thanks so much for your new collection. I just finished reading it this morning, after purchasing it at Gallery Ecosse, Exeter, in the Southern Highlands of NSW. It contains so many vivid, original lines and ideas. It comes across as a shaky meditation on statelessness and the importance of place when we may be off balance. And a celebration of Australia, perhaps, over France. Being a birder of many years, I was hooked in by all the bird imagery, particularly Notre Dame’s swallows.

    Paris is a wondrous place. I proposed to my wife there in 2003. We’re keen to get back. I miss it.

    I recently met John Knight and John Foulcher. Lovely blokes. I’ve loved JF’s work for many years. PSP’s publications are flawless, essential.

    On another note, I’m an ’emerging’ poet. I was published with you in ‘Eclogues’ The Newcastle Poetry Prize anthology 2007. My latest poem is in the first edition of WA’s ‘Regime’.

    Peace and light,

    Lorne Johnson
    Bundanoon NSW

    • Lorne, thank you for your very generous and thoughtful comment. I do remember you (and your poetry), and the birds … I’m glad to know that you’re still writing well. Jean

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