Today the wind
cuts the world into a jigsaw
of leaves and air and fickle cold

dust rises like chiffon
weeds in the garden unravel
grass streams in search of the sea

the umbrella tree turns itself
inside out     sunlight slides
slippery as rain down its spokes

poplars quiver and relinquish
dry rattles by the fence where a newspaper
spreads flat as two hands   clenches
then waves away

thin and hot as fish    seagulls
are tossing in a vat of sun
while behind glass almost safe I sit
the wind
slicing my thoughts to tickertape

I flutter at the edges of windows
teased to pieces farewelling myself
reassembling on rooftops like mist

and I search for clouds    solid cut-out dreams
the last lost pieces to paste against the wind,
to keep the sky from falling.

(from Verandahs 1990)


JK Jigsaw